Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Bundle.

  • Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Bundle.
  • Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Bundle.
  • Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Bundle.

Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3 of TRIGLAV BOOKS “Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design”.

Save some gold with a bundle of all three epic design books!

Volume 1 features 343 authentic graphic designs in 2D. Collected mainly from the Viking Age and sourced from Scandinavia, Germany, Central Europe and Russia. Drawn by a vast selection of artefacts, hilts, cross guards, pottery, jewellery and manuscripts, bone and wood carvings etc. Each and every pattern has a date, origin, place it was found and meaning where possible.

Volume 2 contains 258 designs. A selection of patterns in two thematic groups. The first one is a collection of redraws of stunning reliefs accumulated on only two subjects, mainly the so called Kamien and Bamberg reliquaries, which are justly considered masterpieces. The form of the second group is much simpler, yet symbolically richer, it consists of simple representations of Gods and other creatures from the Slavic and Northern-Germanic mythology of the Viking Age.

Volume 3 consists of photos, new publications and the internet. The author constructed Volume 3 with a new set of 266 ancient designs. The first group in this collection includes beautifully decorated wooden Viking objects. Many of these come from the Irish capital and the local ornamental style. the second group includes items from the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. There is new material from the tombs in Mammen , the embroidered and woven patterns from Oseberg and the embroidery of Russia. Piquant, two very well known weather vanes provided a certain amount of ornaments. As always, this is present in 2D graphics in black and white, allowing the broadest possibilities. The logic of the system has not changed, focusing on the concept of the style, dating or borne symbolism.